Glory Awaits!

Kittycombs is a light, cooperative dungeon crawler board game for 1-4 players.

Your mission: explore a twisting, bending labyrinth full of danger. Cooperate with your fellow cats to navigate peril, find treasure, and get out before bad things happen.

Teamwork is your friend. Lean on the powers of your allies and bring your own skills to the catacomb or risk being left behind.

Kittycombs is OUT NOW! You can grab your copy here

Contribute to the Team

Every kitty has a unique skillset. The Warrior rushes in, swords swinging. The Wizard will manipulate the dungeon, moving rooms and creating new pathways to help the team avoid danger. Medics and Scouts provide support for the frontline.

Choose the play style that works best for you. But remember, you're part of a team: you succeed and fail together.

Danger at Every Corner

From giant warhawks to demon cat towers to frenzied salamanders, things lurk in the dark waiting to pounce. Giant bosses will terrorize you. A dog and snake will put constant pressure as you try to make your way.

And if that wasn't enough, traps abound. This dungeon really seems out to get you.

You'll have to keep your wits and take calculated risks to make it out alive.

Arm Yourself

It's not all bad - you'll have tools to fight back. Mighty swords. Magical wands. You'll even have the ability to change the dungeon itself.

Along the way, you'll find magical shrines to take a breather and floating platforms escape danger.

Share your plunder with friends or hoard it to become an over-powered catastrophe!

Get the Riches and Get Out

Your time is limited and danger is everywhere. As a team, you want to get in, defeat the bosses, loot their treasures, and escape the catacomb.

It won't be easy. You may even lose.

But if you stick together, act as a team, and fight bravely, perhaps you'll survive the Kittycombs.